Backdrops Beautiful

Backdrops Beautiful screenshot

Backdrops Beautiful rents and sells hand-painted backdrops for photography, productions, plays, etc.

Various factors determine the pricing of a backdrop rental, so they needed an online cart that allowed for quick price quotes. Since the backdrops themselves are the focus of the site, the layout design is minimalistic.

Family RV

Family RV screenshot

Family RV needed a website to complement their listings in RV Trader. Having their own site allows them to provide visitors with a more complete virtual shopping experience.

The site has a custom catalog that offers various search options and the ability to create an account to save their picks.

The backend management interface allows administrators to upload photos, post new RVs quickly using templates, and change the content of their website.

Framing Engine

Framing Engine screenshotFraming Engine is AA Web Solutions' flagship product. We provide a complete turnkey e-commerce website with picture framing software integrated into the site so customers can frame items and purchase online.

The site was constructed to organize and promote Framing Engine's various features and benefits.

Aqua Lily Pad

Aqua Lily Pad screenshot

Aqua Lily Pad is a startup company that had been successfully selling their portable floating pad without a website. They needed a web presence to increase exposure and sales, as well as community.

Based on the popular WordPress blogging and content management software, the site utilizes add-ons to provide functionality for the shopping cart, photo gallery and Facebook integration.